Have you got some decent camera gear but not sure how to make the most of it? Maybe you've reached a bit of a plateau with your photography and you're looking for something new to help you see things in a fresh light. Or maybe you just want to come and hang out and talk adventures whilst learning from one of the top UK landscape photographers. Whatever the reason, I'm now offering one-on-one tuition in London or Cambridge to help revamp your photography skills.

What's involved?

Ultimately this depends on you. The sessions are typically between 2-3 hours, and can deal with anything from image capture techniques through to digital processing, or both together. Everyone has different areas they want to develop, so if you're interested yourself or would like to invest in a gift for a friend or relative who you know loves photography, get in touch.

Where abouts?

For now, these sessions will focus on central London or Cambridge city centre. I know both of these areas well, and so can quickly identify and move around locations that will help to develop specific skill sets. Whether you want to shoot cityscapes and the fast action and dramatic angles involved with that, or you're after something a little more landscapesque and based nearer to the countryside, there'll be somewhere close we can fine-tune your ability. The courses are best suited to the evenings, ideally starting an hour or two before sunset so we have the chance to learn with a variety of light conditions.

Hang about - will we be learning relevant landscape photography skills?

Yes, absolutely. I cut my photographic teeth whilst living in Cambridge, and the skills I learned there have always been totally transferable into landscape photography. Composition, lighting, camera techniques - all of these things are fundamentally the same. The only difference is that we'll be honing these skills in a man made, rather than natural, environment.

How much?

A two hour session is £110, if at the end of this two hours you want to carry on or move to something different, it's only another £20 for the third hour, so £130 all told. A deposit of £25 is required to book a date (and you can book whenever suits you - any day except Christmas as long as I'm free...) and the remainder payable either on or just before the day itself.

What about the weather?

If the weather forecast is looking truly shocking for that date, an alternative time can be arranged at no extra cost. That said, grey skies aren't an excuse not to get out your camera, so as long as it's not forecast for constant rain the workshop will still go ahead.

Sounds awesome - where/how do I book?

Use the contact form here to get in touch. I'll get back to you as soon as I am able.